Top Drain

“Top Drain” it is a replacement for your current overflow drain cover

Bright White Top Drain Cover Installed

Top Drain Cover has 6 colors

Grey, Blue, Bright White, Translucent White, Beige, Black

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Why Top Drain 

Water a natural resource we can’t afford to lose, such a valuable product and yet we keep wasting it! There are 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools in the United States, according to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) on 8/27/2016. Keeping water in these pools and maintaining an ideal water balance is critical to both homeowners and commercial pool operators. With both water and chemicals seeping out of the overflow, the cost to maintain this balance can become quite significant.

Water Wasted

Pools lose water when the wind blows and creates waves going into the overflow drain. Pools lose water when a check valve goes out and the spa water over fills the pool. Pools lose water when swimmers splash and create waves.

Every week during peak pool season, a pool uses water and chemicals at an accelerated rate. Water escaping out of the overflow drain in an average pool is estimated at 560 gallons/week (600 sq. ft. pool losing 1.5″ of surface water = 560 gallons.) If we multiply that by a 26- week peak pool season, we have 14,560 gallons lost in just one pool. If we multiply that by just 10,000 pools, we are now looking at 5,6000,0000 gallons of waste water! More than a 1000 pools are built every year in the Great State of Texas.

The Cost

The cost of water going out of the overflow drain in the pool is estimated to be approximately $19.50 per month or $4.50 per week. If we multiply this by the 26- peak pool season, we are looking at $117.00 worth of wasted water. Again, let’s multiply this by just 10,000 pools; we have $1,170,000 worth of wasted water! The estimated cost of pool chemicals needed in a 30-day period is $18.00. It is estimated that $1.50 worth of those chemical is lost with the water escaping the overflow drain each week. In out 26- week peak pool season, this equates to $39.00 worth of lost chemicals. Once again, let’s multiply by just 10,000 pools we have $390,0000 worth of wasted chemicals. If we add together the wasted water and chemicals costs of just 10,000 pools in a 26-week period we have $1,560,000 dollars literally going down the drain! With approximately 10 million documented pools in the US, the amount of money lost by pool owners is mind-boggling.



How can the cost of pool maintenance due to wasted water be dramatically decreased? Block the drain, block part of the drain, or install a “Top Drain.

In just one season of swimming pool activity, when a consumer installs a Top Drain on their existing overflow drain, the water, chemicals, and money saved is significant. The water saved can be used to drink, shower, water landscapes, and more. Perhaps the most important benefit of all is the positive impact “Top Drain” has on the environment. Water conservation is a hot topic in our world today and as members of the pool industry, it is crucial that we work to provide pool consumers with products that are eco-friendly. Many consumers will only look at what it saves them in physical money and what the cost is to save that money so let’s go over the other benefits of the “Top Drain” design.

  1. Allows the water level to increase higher than conventional drains.
    1. This allows the water line from hard water to be removed easier.
    2. Due to the unique design, Small waves from wind and most waves created by swimming will not cause water to be lost. The design also slows waves down.
    3. Raised spas don’t lose water when the check valve goes out.
  2. When water does go over the top in to the waste line it has a strong force behind it washing debris down.
  3. Unlike conventional drains larger leaves and debris will not block the drain.
  4. Unlike other methods of restraining water flow “TOP DRAIN” has the same amount of flow as conventional pool overflow drains so water is quickly removed when there is heavy rain.
  5. The holes on the side of the Top Drain allow water to drain back down  allowing wiers to work while keeping chlorinated water 1 inch higher than normal fighting algae build up in grout line.

“TOP DRAIN” is a simple, inexpensive, water conserving invention. Made in the USA. An investment in the Top Drain is smart, environmentally sound choice, money saving, water and chemicals saving decision.

Top Drain is $24.95 plus tax (your choice of 6 colors.)

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Don’t loose water and chemicals because of a bad Spa check valve anymore.

Top Drain Insert Left (Black in White leaves a rim)  Top Drain Covers on the Right notice it covers the entire fitting.
Top Drain Insert Left (Black in White leaves a rim) Top Drain Covers on the Right