Backyard Training Classes (Residential)

Training is much more than just how to clean a pool or operate the equipment. Your family and visitors life depends on your knowledge.

A 2.5 – hour class $200.00

Training is also how to keep the water not just comfortable but HEALTHY after all isn’t your family’s health more important. Proper chemistry will help your equipment and pool last longer but more importantly, keep the doctor away.

A 28-page guide will be emailed to you to study at least 1 week before your backyard training class. Also several need to know facts about your pool. These are things the professionals know when you go to a public pool but now you have to be the professional.

After you read your material a test link will be sent to you feel free to take it or wait for your instructor.

Learn how to operate your equipment, clean the pool and keep the pool with healthy chemistry.

Booking a Backyard Training Class email