Appliance Prep Training

Professionals sign up for Appliance License Prep Coarse $500.00 plus NEC book $125.00 & Tabs $10.00

Scope – Learn to use the NEC Book to find electrical code answers for your Residential Appliance Installers License also known as the RAIL

First Monday class of each month Tabbing your NEC properly to maximize your time in finding answers, for the RAIL test. Example Articles 500, 700 and 800 are not part of the RAIL test. Chapter 6 Articles 600 is about Special Equipment and for the RAIL Test only Article 680 needs to be marked. After books are properly tabbed the group will break down 10 questions, showing how to find answers quickly with keywords and phrases. Next, go home and log onto the link we send and start taking a test.

  1. ) 20 Online, timed practice tests to help you get ready. 30-day access
  2. ) Every Monday 2 hours Q&A with instructor Group session 4 visits included in price. (Call for times)
  3. Additional 1 on 1 tutoring $35.00 an hour.

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