The Difference

What Makes The Pool Pride Different

Pool Pride uses both UV at 254nm and 185nm. 1st the water is exposed to Ozone. Ozone is created at 185nm this provides an economical way of treating water a 99.99% reduction in bacteria and viruses. Ozone eliminates chloramines, oils, greases, lotions, viruses, bacteria. Step 2 the water flows to the filter, the ozone turns into oxygen and is extracted, to be injected down stream after the heater or cleaner. The water is now heavily oxidized. Any possible virus or bacteria that makes it past the filter still has another chance to be killed as the water flows through the Pool Pride and is exposed to the UV at 254nm and now has Copper & Silver ions added to the water to protect the pool shell from algae, viruses and bacteria growth. Swimming in minerals can be very healthy, as copper is known to increase red and white blood cells allowing the body to create more oxygen. Silver is a natural sanitizer not only NASA has been using it in the space program but doctors have been using in newborn babies‘ eyes at birth to prevent contraction of gonorrhea. Dentists sometimes use silver nitrate infused swabs to heal oral ulcers. Silver nitrate is also used by some podiatriststo kill cells located in the nail bed. Silver nitrate is also used to cauterize superficial blood vessels in the nose to help prevent nose bleeds. These are just a few of the benefits.

Key Benefits:

  • Effectively kills algae and water born pathogens.
  • Sanitizes pools without the use of chlorine.
  • More cost effective than other treatment methods
  • Generally pays for itself in less than 2 years.
  • Relief for individuals suffering from a chlorine allergy
  • Peace of mind owning a healthy chemical free/ chlorine free pool
  • Will treat up to a 40,000 gallon pool(Testing is underway on pools up to 250,0000 gallons)

Ultraviolet light disinfects without chemicals

  • Disinfection with UV light works better: Microorganisms are inactivated by a photochemical reaction between the UV-C radiation and the genetic information carrier (DNA) of the pathogen within milliseconds. The pathogen cannot multiply any longer and dies.
  • Service firms love the UV systems because they provide water quality that cannot be matched by anyone using large doses of chlorine to sanitize a swimming pool. Common sense would tell a person that if a pool is serviced once or twice a week, more chlorine than is needed must be added at the time of service so there is a sufficient chlorine residual prior to the next chlorine dosage. With the a UV System, with the reduced dependence on chlorine and with a continual flow of sanitized water back to the pool, there will be a sanitization level not possible by the periodic addition of chlorine alone. The pool owner, their family members and the pool service firm will be comfortable in knowing that the pool will be in its best operating condition when the service people arrive to do their normal service chores. Simply put, ” We do it better ” (SM)
  • UV Light disinfections are environmentally friendly, add nothing to the water, and don’t generate harmful DBP’s. It destroy bacteria, virus, algae, cryptosporidium, giardia,…, in seconds without leaving any harmful end products.
  • Simple to use and does not modify the physical-chemical characteristics (change in taste, smell) of the water.
  • There is no risk of over-dosing.
  • UV may be combined with other treatment processes (filtration, softening etc.)

Ozone oxidizes pollutants

  • The very reactive ozone gas has been successfully used for more than 30 years in the treatment of swimming pool water. As the strongest, technically producible oxidizing agent it is outstandingly suited for disinfection (removal of viruses and bacteria) as well as for the oxidation of organic pollutants. Residues of soap, sweat, body creams and oils are also effectively destroyed with ozone. Ozone is 25 times stronger than Chlorine.