Product Details

Pool Pride

Tired of smelling like chemicals, having stiff hair, skin or allergy problems, all these issues and much more like money savings are in reach. The Pool Pride System is a chlorine free, chemical free solution.

The Pool Pride uses UV/ Ozone/ Copper/ Silver/ Oxygen radicals to keep the pool balanced and pure.

The Pool Pride used in conjunction with a VSP (Variable Speed Pump) will save the average Pool owner $1400.00 a year in electricity at 12 cents a kilo watt.


Tristar 950 VSP $1550.00 plus tax


TriStar 900 VSP $1250.00 plus tax

All pools need to run 8 – 10 hours daily on Standard chlorine it cost an average $1100.00 a year in electricity, 12 – 14 hours daily on Salt pools at an average cost $1400.00 a year in electricity. Imagine running your pool 24 hours a day on chlorine free with a VSP for best water circulation, sanitation possible and money savings it cost less than $200.00 a year in electricity for both. 4-year warranty on either Tristar VSP when purchased and installed by Texas Pool Techs



Cleaner recommendations

Low to Medium Foliage  


Poolvergnugeen by Hayward $425.00 – No need for a booster pump so you save on electricity and have a cleaner running if the main pool pump is running.



AquaVac® 500 by Hayward $1250.00 – Intelligent, state-of-the art robotic pool cleaner, AquaVac® 500 ensures the most efficient cleaning pattern. IAquaVac® 500 by Hayward ts programming capability allows the choice of specific scheduled cleaning cycles. No booster pump required.